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DIY Fiesta Blanket Bench: Don't be scared. I f'd up for you + now you have directions.

What started this project was constantly looking for outdoor furniture that didn't look lame. Even the expensive stuff is bland and I needed a little something to change up my black + white landscape. I had seen these blankets at my gas station all the time and knew I wanted to do something with them. Then I went to ikea of course to grab one thing, trapped in the race track they don't let you out of, & found these benches. My idea was formed instantly.

I bought these wire ikea benches. Cheap + perfect for sewing the blanket to. The benches come in a box that made the perfect prep for painting. So after you figure out what bench you are going to use + have all the supplies you can get started.



Fiesta Blanket

Thick Black Thread + Needle

Fabric Glue

Spray Paint


Scotch Guard

Suncreen Spf 30+ Spray

STEP ONE: Take the bench pieces out and lay them on the box they came in. Spacing them out to give room to cover with paint properly.

STEP TWO: Spray the peices of bench desired color with outdoor paint + primer. The bench will need two coats of paint

STEP THREE: Take top of bench + Lay over blanket. Make sure that if you are doing more than one bench you match pattern placement for each one. For these the pattern repeats for 2 to 1 blanket to bench ratio. Measure and give enough room when cutting to have at least an extra inch to wrap around. Use blanket stitch as seen in picture to secure blanket to bench top. Cut down excess fabric leaving at least 1/2 inch. Use fabric glue to hold down extra fabric. I use chip clips and just did a little glue at a time, Repeat every couple hours till it is completely glued down.

STEP FOUR: Put bench together. All the parts are included. Pretty basic.

STEP FIVE: Spray first with two coats of Scotch Guard to protect from the elements. Although I don't suggest leaving outside in winter.

STEP SIX: Spray with SPF. I give mine a quick coat once every couple weeks. Anytime I remember. Keeps the color looking bright.


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